Tvoja Tapeta in Children's Hospital Zagreb
   02/25/2022 13:32:13    Comments 0
Tvoja Tapeta in Children's Hospital Zagreb

February was a very active month for us! Along with several different projects we’ve been working on, we’d like to highlight one that has specially warmed our hearts. In cooperation with Printego design, we donated wallpaper to the Clinic for Children's Diseases Zagreb in Klaićeva Street. We decorated one of the hospital waiting rooms and installed our playful wallpapers on three walls to cheer up the little patients.

Investing in local communities is always important, especially when it comes to the most vulnerable groups. We want to be an active member of the community and thus provide a more comfortable environment for the children who are our future. We want “Tvoja Tapeta” to brighten the daily lives of children and their families who find themselves there, as well as doctors and nurses who strive to maintain a functioning health care system in these challenging times.

When choosing the appropriate design of the hospital waiting room, we decided to include a map of Croatia with all major cities in the visuals in addition to colorful and lively elements of animals that always make children smile. Colors are known to elevate mood, make the atmosphere pleasant and positive, especially in stressful situations. We are convinced that a tidy space will be one of good factors in the hospital treatment of children.

We are glad that we managed to bring a little positive atmosphere to the hospital, which was also confirmed by Irena Mišić, Head of the Patient Support Department at the Children's Hospital Zagreb: "The space looks like a fairy tale, and the children enjoy it. They comment on elephant, giraffe and other cute wallpaper elements! On behalf of our principal, all staff, happy parents and happy children, thank you very much!"

All projects are important to us and we carry them out with special care, but such special projects especially satisfy us, because everything we give and receive is from the heart and invaluable!

Thank you for supporting our work so far and thus enabling us to carry out such campaigns. We are therefore looking forward to such concepts in the future and hope that there will be as many opportunities as possible.


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