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The story about us

photo: Tara Pušić

Who is the man behind the Tvoja Tapeta?

I am Ivan Ivanković, the founder and owner of the online store I am a graphic engineer by profession, and graphic design has been my life's passion for more than 20 years. Through my experience working in marketing agencies, I have had the opportunity to work with many important clients, among which I highlight Coca-Cola and Heineken.

Why Tvoja Tapeta? / How did Tvoja Tapeta come to life?

In recent years, wallpaper has become fashionable again. Ever since they returned to interiors, they have become a real decorative hit. Given my many years of experience in wallpaper design and working on many similar projects and many requests from my friends to decorate their living spaces - I decided to this challenging venture.

Why a challenge? It all happened hand in hand with the coronavirus pandemic and the first lockdown, but that didn’t stop me and I launched the online store I was positively surprised to quickly realize that this was a good decision given the great response and excellent feedback I received from my first clients.

I managed to start the online store very quickly, so the wallpaper reached impatient and curious customers in a very short time, and so this story began. What are the current trends? Custom wallpapers are currently in trend. Visuality is tailored to the wishes of the client, and if necessary, certain segments are removed or added, which makes each wallpaper unique! So the customer finally gets a wallpaper adorned with his favorite detail, name, color or something else.

We have noticed that this combination - our design and the chosen element according to the customer's wishes - is the most desirable, as the home is always warmer when it has a personal note of the customer. In this way, we can say that customers have the opportunity to design the wallpaper themselves, of course with our professional help.

How are we different from others? / Why are we special?

 - We are the only one on the market to offer self-adhesive wallpaper - for easier and more accurate installation

 - Only the best for our customers - that's why we use the highest quality materials on the market, and our performance always remains at the highest level

 - We carefully choose our partners:

 - We produce wallpapers in a printing house with which we have a long-term successful cooperation, which ensures flawless printing

 - We also offer installation services through our partners, top craftsmen with many years of experience

 - Perfect customer service/journey - so customers don’t have to worry about anything

 -We follow the latest trends in the world of wallpaper and interior design - for the most unique and modern options that will satisfy all types of customers

 - Personalized wallpaper - decorate the wallpaper with your favorite details, name, color or anything else you want

 - We were the first to launch contour-cut children's wallpapers on the market - in this way we can satisfy customers who want to personalize the wallpaper, but in a smaller and more affordable form

The advantage of wallpaper on the walls?

The great advantage of wallpaper is that we can change and beautify the look of our space in a very simple way. The materials we use are self-adhesive and of the highest quality on both the Croatian and Slovenian markets. Wallpaper installation is very quick, easy and tidy, and it should be noted that there is no dirt and lubrication of the walls with wallpaper glue. Even if you decide to give your space a new shine, our wallpaper is very easy to remove, which is a great advantage, as there is no painstaking plastering and painting the walls.

Wallpaper on the walls is also very easy to maintain, as all our materials are washable, which ensures always clean walls and especially delights our parents who are parents. That’s why we focused on children’s wallpaper to create fairytale rooms for our little ones..

Plans for the future

Our primary markets are currently Croatia and Slovenia. We have hired a Slovenian team for Slovenia, which successfully presents our products on the Slovenian market. Given the growing number of demands from Germany and Poland, we plan to expand to other European countries. We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide quality service throughout the region, and positive comments and a large number of satisfied customers give us enthusiasm for new projects and fresh ideas.

Thoughts at the end

When you do what you love, it's not difficult - so I'm very happy that I decided to take this demanding and independent journey with a product I love and a job that inspires me. I hope you will feel the passion and effort I put into every product every day and that Tvoja Tapeta will shine in your homes!

Last but not least, I have to mention my dear colleague and life partner Barbara, who has been a great support to me from the very beginning. Her rich knowledge in the field of sales and finance made it easier for me to set up the right business model and further improved my sales results.